Jan. 29th, 2017


Jan. 29th, 2017 03:09 pm
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Job didn't work out. But that's okay, it was an educational experience and kicked my ass into properly searching for jobs, which I was lethargic and despondent about beforehand. (And I got paid for it, which is nice ww)

My brain (still in constant AUGH Mode) finds job searching pointless in the extreme, so concentration is nigh-impossible. Only way I've been able to sit down and work is to set a phone timer for 10 minutes and reset it every time it goes off, over and over. Brains sure are weird.

To try and relax, I've watching a lot of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and am enjoying it a lot. The characters are fun and include some interesting anime trope/gender role subversion. The first half of episode 4 is especially beautiful.

I'll probably put on the Federer v Nadal match while I do other things tonight, too. I only watched tennis seriously during the 2013 Australian Open, when I was home-bound by illness, but it was the first time I ever took a sport semi-seriously and I still have a soft spot for it (and for Federer's pink-laced Nikes).


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