Feb. 9th, 2017


Feb. 9th, 2017 09:25 am
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* Things... still... baddish? Situation is still terrible (had an extremely inconvenient development trying to follow up on a medical issue, too) but the ongoing mental shrieking in my brain has lessened.
So, I put in an application for studying art at university. I honestly have no idea if I'll get in. Said university is the most poncey university in my state and my past experience is a bit grim. I'm not even sure if I've proved my English fluency according to their criteria. Let's find out!

* I saw the word 'smexay' for the first time in several years and was struck by how unsexy it is. I still wonder sometimes if I'm actually grey-asexual, or if I'm ordinary-sexual but that's cancelled out by my boiling resistance to being cutesy.

* I know I've secretly wished I shipped something atm so I could kick-start the drawing habit but Gintoki and the Movie Thief parody from the second Gintama movie does not count brain try again

* The Joker is a terrible episode of the Avengers! I didn't think I could still be shocked at the internet having terrible taste but here we are again thanks to a 1960s TV show. I don't care if we saw Emma Peel's bra ffs

In conclusion: I'm still cranky and unpleasant atm but at least it's about fun things like e.g. terrible screenwriting from fifty years ago.


Feb. 9th, 2017 07:58 pm
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I started making a prototype for a mobile game today. Though it needs much more work before it's an accurate prototype, I had honestly thought for the last month that my programming ability had not atrophied so much as vaporised. Finding this isn't the case is a big relief.

Still in a horrendously bad place re: gamedev, so will take it slowwwww. I can smell bridges smouldering from when I rage quit last year. No sense in flipping out just as I'm getting used to the idea again....


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