Jun. 13th, 2017


Jun. 13th, 2017 12:20 pm
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Wow, XCode is a HUGE pain in the ass! I'm so stuck on it that I'm considering finding another way to create my project's user interface. But using a cross-platform GUI library ran me into a brick wall on the project's first iteration--it didn't support non-Latin text entry properly, which is a deal breaker when people may be using this in conjunction with quintessentially Japanese computer games. So I had better persevere.

(Context: I'm using C# and my project is essentially a gamedev word processor, so you can write character dialogue/item descriptions/flavour text/etc then export it to a format the game code can use. There's programs similar to this but they're for larger-scale game dev and focus on branching narratives, which wasn't quite what I was looking for...)

It doesn't help that Xamarin.Mac's tutorials/documentation and what my installation of Xamarin actually does are different. :| I asked silly questions on the Xamarin forums before with success, so I guess I'll do that again.

Besides the constant frustrations, like this and invisible exception errors and that time my working copy reverted to a version from mid-May (still dunno what that was about), I'm enjoying this project. It feels good to work on something that could be useful to a lot of people.

I'm also getting better at distinguishing between doing things the 'proper' way to learn more/improve the project, and doing things the 'proper' way when there's no point and it would stress me out. Right now it reaaaaaalllllllyyyyyy doesn't matter if it is CLS compliant or not, for instance. :P

I am concerned my current file structure isn't good enough to support localisation (which is the one thing I've heard from the commercial gamedevs I've talked to about it that would be REALLY useful) so I might spend today reworking that, rather than bashing my head against XCode for another day running XD


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