Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:46 am
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Been working on game writing app like wow the past week and a bit. Progress is satisfying; have only hit real frustration in past two days. Tonight, I implemented the last part of the changes that gave me so much trouble... it worked pretty much immediately, only a few minor fixes required. Success feels almost anti-climatic. :D I only wanted to do a tiny bit of coding today (to maintain my 'streak') and then go to bed, so it works out.

I may have made a minor tactical error checking internet before I turn off laptop, though. Drama I've worried about erupting in that Tumblr tag may have finally broken out. Like acne!
My brain love seizing upon silly garbage to be mad and/or sad about, so even though there's a high chance it's literally nothing, reading it properly is the last thing I want to do when I plan on falling asleep in the next hour. I mention it mainly because at least one perp is making that kind of Tumblr post that is just an unpleasant 'my face when' image, then uses the tags to call out people. I was going to say that such posts are one of the most passive-aggressive thing you can do on the internet, but upon reflection, it might come second to snarking about it in a Dreamwidth account only three people read. Goodnight!


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