Jun. 14th, 2017 02:46 am
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I think I accidentally killed my intentionally absurd Utena opening parody idea, but not because of lack of technical ability, time or spoons.

It's because I went looking for reference art, instead read a whole pile of Utena meta (much of it written by miserable people) and not only am I now miserable, I don't want to subject any other property I like to that misery either even if only in the most shallow manner imaginable lmfao.

On bright side: Utena is still very good, and finding the meta led me to this post which is Extremely Me.

... I think redesigning the file schema has meant I've also killed my coding project, again, but I have enough things keeping me up to 3AM, I'll worry about that later.

What I should do is read through ohtori.nu until I cheer up. That site rules. EDIT: It worked! But now it's 4am...


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