Feb. 15th, 2017 10:27 pm
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* I am stuck on Yowapeda around the beginning of season 2 but I looked at the latest episode and I'm glad Midosuji still needs a 'body horror' warning tag every time he shows up. Wouldn't be the same otherwise.

* Things are little by little becoming less terrible... I have an appointment to go to so can't slack about here.

* Image hostiiiing


Jan. 29th, 2017 03:09 pm
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Job didn't work out. But that's okay, it was an educational experience and kicked my ass into properly searching for jobs, which I was lethargic and despondent about beforehand. (And I got paid for it, which is nice ww)

My brain (still in constant AUGH Mode) finds job searching pointless in the extreme, so concentration is nigh-impossible. Only way I've been able to sit down and work is to set a phone timer for 10 minutes and reset it every time it goes off, over and over. Brains sure are weird.

To try and relax, I've watching a lot of Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun and am enjoying it a lot. The characters are fun and include some interesting anime trope/gender role subversion. The first half of episode 4 is especially beautiful.

I'll probably put on the Federer v Nadal match while I do other things tonight, too. I only watched tennis seriously during the 2013 Australian Open, when I was home-bound by illness, but it was the first time I ever took a sport semi-seriously and I still have a soft spot for it (and for Federer's pink-laced Nikes).


Jan. 20th, 2017 12:48 pm
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Current mood: Baffled by the existence of Forest Fairy Five. I watched it with almost no expectations and still wound up bitterly disappointed. Why did a show with such a hilariously incoherent premise (the intro reads like a weird Twitter account taking the piss out of anime) wind up being banal five-minute features about Harajuku? Watching it is like watching a really boring episode of In The Night Garden.

I could accept it for what it is (an ephemeral tie-in for an upcoming moe anime, originally screening on a Japanese moe anime variety TV show)... but why the SHIT did Crunchyroll bother to translate and release it???

If you want bad CG anime, I recommend sticking with gdgd fairies. gdgd fairies is good shit.


Dec. 14th, 2016 10:07 pm
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Sorry last two posts so maudlin. I am legitimately in better state than I was, say, six months ago, but not much happening to write about (that's isn't too much real life detail). For a change I'll write stream-of-consciousness gibberish about anime I watched lately, instead.

Re:Zero: I marathoned this a few months ago. I liked the art and its gruesome take on the time leap concept, which is extremely gruesome in places, so take that into consideration if you're thinking of watching it.
I'm worried that its light novel/moe tropes will make it exponentially less appealing to me over time, but I enjoyed it enough that I'll give the next season a chance. I really couldn't care less who is best girl TBH. My OTP is suffering/Subaru.

Steins;gate: Hated the characters in the first episode (direct quote: "WHY IS THERE ALWAYS A FUCKING MAID"), but I kept watching based on the good reviews I heard, and aside from spending episode eighteen facepalming, the show won me over in the end.
I read a LP of the visual novel, and the main character is rather more unpleasant in it, which is disappointing (I'm not talking about that one ending, more his initial thoughts about Faris are really whiny and the authors have a bad case of Male Gaze). He's more interesting to follow in the anime and his English dub actor's actually pretty good.
OTOH I tried watching Occult;Nine and raged out before the end of episode one. :D

Mob Psycho 100: Good! Excellent animation. Protip: Reigen comes across as one of those annoying Mr Satan-esque 'weak imposter who claims all the credit' characters and he... Well he kind of is haha, but give him a chance.

Hunter x Hunter (2011 anime): This image sums it up. It's honestly one of the best things I've ever seen, but I have a theory that the manga keeps going on hiatus because it's so intense and bleak that it saps Togashi's will to live. An English dub is playing on Adult Swim atm if you're into that.

Gintama: Who the balls even is the target audience for this show??? I love the shit out of (most of) it but I wonder what the kids reading Shounen Jump make of the references to 70s television shows and porn actresses. Not to mention Heidi of the Alps, which I've concluded must be the M.A.S.H. of anime and reruns on Japanese television for eternity. The show itself asks who the audience is so it's not just me.

Gakuen Handsome: Gintama has spoiled me for bloody stupid gag anime, alas. But Mitsurugi looks like my drawings of Sephiroth when I was 14 and that in itself is hilarious.

Yuri!!! on Ice: I avoided this cos I don't trust anime with fujoshi appeal to not pull bullshit, and I guess it might still do so before the season ends. For now though? Actually pretty good. Yeah I'm surprised, but pleased! Pichit is a QT

I read some books too, like I mentioned before. Dune, for example. A few days after I finished it, we were talking about thighs chafing when you wear a dress and get sweaty in the summer, and I said 'It's basically the gom jabber'. That's the only reason I brought that up tbh. Walk without rhythm.
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Blood-C = accidental spoiler? )

LET'S SEE IF I'M RIGHT or if the total lack of presence and atmosphere is not intentional.

Fumito: "He can only drink really weak coffee"
Saya: "Is that so?"
Comment: "It's to compensate for his strong personality."

PMSL. Nearly as good as last week with the close-up on the two guimauve and the caption '4-DIMENSIONAL TIME CUBE'

EDIT: To the show's credit this week's monster was approaching acceptable levels of oh-god-what-no.


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