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I will NOT start this entry with 'I should use this more often', that is a cliche and I see no pressing reasons to blog my life atm, anyway! I feel like writing a post now, so I shall.

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Tumblr's atmosphere is wigging me out a bit. Instead of sitting around grinching about the inherent terrible-ness of Tumblr like most others, I'm dusting this off and keeping an eye out for alternative means to communicate.

I don't have much to say though. It's a problem. I have several alternatives to social networks that piss me off (my irritation at Tumblr isn't even an iota of my irritation at Twitter)--snail mail, IM, Skype. I see people I should throw a message at quite often. I just don't have anything to say! "I'm still muddling along," over and over? The very thought is off-putting.

When I do have something to share, the feedback I get is... less than overwhelming. I feel like I'm grasping for attention like back when I was a miserable off-kilter teenager, when I put it like that. I accept that a lot of is nothing to do with other people being inherently terrible; rather, it's the way I deal with things being a lot different to the way other people deal with things. But part of accepting that means I'm avoiding sites where I know, from experience, that I'd achieve nothing but a sensation of being slighted, overwhelming irritation, or both.

I hope all this avoidance doesn't mean I miss out on something super-important or useful to me, but my patience and my subconscious are thanking me for it.

I've been thinking a lot of deep, weird thoughts lately. I'm in a good mood but some of the thoughts I'm mulling over concern me. One of the stories I'm kicking around deals with a person being in a situation I found myself in, and I can't stop thinking, "This is such a fucking self-insertion my-life-is-pain pity party, who is going to have the patience for this?" But you know, as melodramatic as it is, it literally happened to me. Real life can be stupid and melodramatic!

Um, what else... Last night I had a dream about being in my old high school (not the one I usually have nightmares about, the one before that). The place was teeming with students at ten o'clock at night. I walked towards where my old home block of classrooms used to be, munching on a hot dog (red frankfurt sausage, tomato sauce, no mustard or onion). I rounded the corner to see a huge glass enclosure where giant, uncanny four-legged hot dog bun beasts lumbered back and forth. One of them turned its massive head towards me to stare me down with the pink steamed meat where its head presumably had been. I looked down at my hot dog, also missing its tip, then turned and ran like the dickens.

So no change there then.
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I had a good birthday! And I'm going to tell you about it, as it's been a while since I've posted about something other than cheese and whine-festivals.

It was once again an uneventful day, but I enjoyed it and spent it in a much happier state of mind than birthdays of the recent past. We went to the road house and had delicious grilled fish with chips and salad for dinner, and the night before we had the family-recipe lemon cheesecake, which is the same lemon shade of yellow that I think urinal cakes used to come in and bears no resemblance to other cheesecake but tastes better than any of them ever had.

On Twitter, I had a habit of asking for nothing except money and entertaining rule 34*; I got $50 in a card from my grandmother, and the internet gave me this photo. I think it's time I marked this request as FILLED before I get into trouble. :D

But out of the blue, my mother gave me, still in its box, the Hoi-Polloi tarot! I mentioned this deck in passing to my mother at least 3 months ago after I went looking for alternate designs (I have US Games' standard deck with the hellaciously ugly back design) and only liked this one. It's 70s as anything and just beautiful. So easy to shuffle, too. :]

The miasma in my head that's made me a real crankypants everywhere (esp. on Twitter) is slowly lifting. I think some autumn-cleaning is in order.

* 'entertaining' is not in fact an euphemism!
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I think it would be fun and useful to make an blog about drawing anti-patterns, inspired by whitetrashpalace's popular tutorial. People seem to find the identification of Anime Long Mid-face Syndrome a revelation, so it may be helpful to identify other common pitfalls when adapting from one style to another.

I'm not very good at drawing, though, and not good enough to spot if someone gives bad advice 100% of the time...

Other things I would like to do:

  • Found an Australian lobby group for people who aren't obnoxious Christians or obnoxious atheists.

  • Remix video game music.

  • how to ride a unicycle.

  • Imitate the person on the skateboard down the main street and post it on Youtube.

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I wrote the below around last week and read it again today. I feel like making it public.

I'm feeling okay, at the moment, but frustrated with my lack of traction. If anyone has any words, feel free to share.

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I went to university to do some work. On the bus back around 5PM I saw a plane flying overhead, lower than they usually are around this area. It was earlier in the day than it normally is when I'm on the bus and the sun was bright, silohuetting the plane against the blue sky. I could see it was a Quantas flight as it drifted upwards, but most of the time it was a shadow. The bus was at the perfect angle for me to watch it slowly rise up into the clouds. It was quite beautiful.

There were layers of clouds it seemed across the sky, and the sun shone through a crack between them as vivid white light.


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