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I created a new Tumblr to reply to someone on Twitter because I was sick of having to explain Deep Feels in 140 or less characters. I'll try using it (and this journal) more often. Thus:

Today, I realised I write all my public blog posts/comments using the same formula!

[rambling introduction]

[paragraphs full of commas and ellipses] <- repeat as necessary until:

[One-line overly dramatic summarising zinger]

[Conclusion, meander from the point, apologise for having an opinion, slink off]
This is getting on my tit, so in an effort to break this vicious cycle, I'll try writing some things about things that don't make my writing turn on auto-pilot.

I've been playing Deathspank this week, and this is an excellent place to start. It's a genre of game I have no interest in, directed by a figure in the games industry I hold no nostalgic allegience to. Thus, for me, right now, it's perfect. No preconceptions, no risk of falling so hard for it I crack the foundations and have my house drop on my twattish head--all I have to do is pay attention to which greeblies are rushing at me, remember which weapon is mapped to which button, and stop drinking all my stealth potions by accident.

While I like a lot of silly meaningless shit, I can't stand the phrase 'leave your brain at the door', and describing Deathspank like this would be unfair to it and the efforts its developers went to. That doesn't mean it's not a Diablo-like $10 game slathered with goofy British accents and so far I've laughed out loud at exactly one line ('It makes 'em cranky!'). Beyond it's indie (so not getting into an argument about this word today) roots, it really wouldn't have interested me even a few months ago. I think the indie-ness was the only reason I bought it in the first place and it languished on my hard drive for more than a year before now.

What changed?

A lot did, most of it bad, most of it nothing to do with games.

I feel myself moving towards that formula I described above, heh...

I'll stop disgressing: After a period in which I seriously considered selling my collection and never touching a game again, something as "simple", "gamey" as Deathspank feels a little like learning how to play games again. It's challenging, but not hard, and when I screw up I don't lose hours of progress. It's a forgiving game without being too patronising or too easy. When I'm particularly drained after work I often run Mr Spank into a cloud of ghosts and spin him around making flrprpr noises until he dies--then I take a breath, concentrate and make progress, and I never have to worry if the plot's going to spit in my face (for any reason other than sardonic British comedy at least), or wonder how many people lost their jobs straight after it went gold. It is a little bit of game history of its own, but mostly, it's just fun, and I--the person who hates on marketing for being lazy and whose favourite games are all messed-up depressing flawed masterpieces--for once, even I appreciate that. And it is pretty funny I guess, I kind of nearly giggled when it said poop.


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