Apr. 2nd, 2017 08:46 pm
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Haven't posted publicly for a while.

* Current job nearly done then need to look for more ASAP, as Centrelink and I have parted on acrimonious terms.
* Gingerly dipping toes into Twitter again.
* Resurrected a coding project. I was definitely using wrong tools for the task before; I feel more positive about getting it to a releasable state with this iteration.
* Need to do something with my website but dang, content is hard!
* Caught the first really gnarly cold of the year whoop whoop
* Visiting family again in a few days.
* I have very little money and hilariously few clothes and I feel and look like utter garbage 24/7. This isn't really a change but it's beginning to frustrate me more than it used to...
* The weird woe I was suffering has gone, or at least has metamorphosed into more manageable emotions.
* Haven't inked that drawing of Sagan yet; I started, suffered and went WAAH I CAN'T DO IT I SUCK. But realistically, I was trying like, three new and awkward techniques at once, I'm not sure what my brain was expecting. I'll ink it in a more practical way if I have time tomorrow.
* But speaking of, I think I'll spend the rest of the night watching the Tour of Flanders.
* (because I rage quit Breath of the Wild and it's obnoxious Stasis + conveyer belt bullshit)
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I think it would be fun and useful to make an blog about drawing anti-patterns, inspired by whitetrashpalace's popular tutorial. People seem to find the identification of Anime Long Mid-face Syndrome a revelation, so it may be helpful to identify other common pitfalls when adapting from one style to another.

I'm not very good at drawing, though, and not good enough to spot if someone gives bad advice 100% of the time...

Other things I would like to do:

  • Found an Australian lobby group for people who aren't obnoxious Christians or obnoxious atheists.

  • Remix video game music.

  • how to ride a unicycle.

  • Imitate the person on the skateboard down the main street and post it on Youtube.



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