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Zaratustra, the creator of the indie game Eversion and the Eversion HD remake now available for purchase from Steam, complained on Twitter that of all the reviews of the game on the internet, the single negative review was the one that wound up in the Chicago Tribune and LA Times.

I was curious, even though I'd read the review already! So, I went looking for it on the LA Times site.

No clear indication where video games are on the front page.

No clear indication where video game reviews are on the Entertainment page.

I said to myself, 'okay even those this site is run by newspapers, it IS a website' and I tried doing a search for 'eversion'. I got four results, none of which have anything to do with the game.

Brainwave: searched 'video games'. Over two thousand results, although the only result tangentially related to video games (no I am not counting cosplay photos) is an article about Hulu coming to PS3 from yesterday. No Eversion since at least the 10th of July.

No relevant results for 'video game reviews'

And none for that most insidious of catchphrases, 'indie games'

The only way I could wind up seeing the review on the LA Times site was from the reviewer's Tumblr account. I clicked on his Cave Story Wii review on CrispyGamer from this same Tumblr to see how he found this game by comparison, and it was a freaking broken link!

Not really a major stepping stone for games journalism's inclusion into traditional media, I'm afraid.

^ I wrote the above post a few weeks ago. I checked the sites again; it IS appearing on the Chicago Tribune site now when you search for 'eversion', but still no sign of it on the LA Times website.

As for the review itself--not every game needs to be Braid.

Bonus: Oranges or Apples: Which is More Successful!?

Super-extra-bonus: Ebert also winds people up about modern architecture, it seems


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