Aug. 15th, 2010 12:23 am
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I was all having fun mocking this game and then it went and broke my heart! D;

And then punched me in the face with heartwarming straight afterwards. Curse you. CURSE YOU!! I'm sorry I made fun of you, alright? But this is too much!

Is it too late to ask people in Comiket to go looking for doujin for me
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Inconsequential spoilers for Red Dead Redemption follow:

When I started the movie director quest, I was expecting to see in the next movie theatre some bizarre cheesy singing cowboy version of John Marston. That would have been AMAZIIING! I'm pretty disappointed they gave us another animation, this time a joke (old-time misogyny is hilariously stupid!!1) they had made in the newspapers at least three times already.

But I guess at this stage, romanticised westerns would be far more anachronistic than animation, huh?

(I keep hearing and spelling 'John Marston' as 'John Marsden' arrrrrrrgh!)

Also, I hope my favourite quest-bearing NPC show up one more time or at least gets some closure, or I'm going to experience disconsolate shipper rage.

Bigger spoilers for the Who Are You? storyline )

Yeah, it's a public entry. People are watching me now, so I might as well. (Even if I'll likely turn them all off)


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