Feb. 25th, 2017 03:38 pm
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The next time I see someone complaining about feminists being too sensitive about shit in video games I'm going to think of this and laugh even harder than usual

That other NieR Automata "controversy" mainly reminded me of this:

'I'm beating your ass with your rectum'

Realtalk though, my housemate told me 'NieR Automata was released today' the other day and I was in literal shock for about half a minute, at being in a world where a sequel to NieR even exists.
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(I won't make a habit of cross-posting to LJ, I am simply in a loquacious mood lately)

As I mentioned to a few other people, I've been drawing my own humanised version of the stuffy floating book in Nier. I haven't got any scans online right now, but he's a kind of weird-looking older man with dilated eyes and a sweeping fringe and a imperious look about him. I was considering drawing him for a while before I started, but the trigger was finding a fanwork I put through Google Translate where the book was portrayed as a young androgynous guy, and I had a giant 'NOOO YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG' moment. Not just because I prefer roses to lilies if you know what I mean :awes: I find older characters more interesting, but... I mean... well, just look at at this character! Even in the Japanese version where he doesn't have the Rickman-esque accent, he sounds and acts old! What the heck are you thinking!?

As it turns out: Non-game-breaking spoilers for Nier's backstory follow )


1) If you're doing anything for a fandom where significant amounts of the background is in another language (or on the scale of Star Trek) you are far more likely to be doing it wrong than the people raised with it, you know, all their lives (this goes for both languages and Star Trek 8D)
2) Making spurious complaints about characters being turned into pretty boys, when said character was likely a pretty boy to start with in a game full of sweeping pale hair and zettai ryouiki, makes you look kinda like a dick.

Other people probably wouldn't worry about point 2 as much as I am now. But, as much as I find non-standard-attractive (and in several cases downright ugly) characters more interesting than the alternative, and as much as I enjoy being flippant over overly pretty things (like I've been doing for the rest of this darn post), the backlash against pretty boys kind of winds me up, every time I see it on deviantART and elsewhere. I've got reasons but as I go over them in my head it's going to take another post (or two). And now I feel like a doofus for going 'what the hell are you doing' at this Japanese fangirl I don't even know the name of because I'm a Google Translating scrub...

Don't be a doofus, I guess the moral is?

(Mind you, I'm still fond of my cranky strange-looking older version. It took fifteen years for me to become enamoured over what is essentially a bloody fan character but it's finally happened! I'm having terrible problems drawing him lately, though, likely because I'm distracted trying to draw the cuter young characters with an art style I'd describe as the Anti-Moe)
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I quit my job a month ago (I kind of miss it, but it was definitely the right move, it was turning me into a person I don't find very appealing) and I am now staying with my mother in a small country town. I'm taking it easy and watching the pets (AKA free entertainment). There is an advert going out in the local newsletter saying 'computer repairs phone me' basically because I will need the moneys (more on that later). I am spending my last few days of guilt-free slacking... catching up on paperwork. Ugh! Well, I finally know how the hell superannuation works, I guess now is the best time to do it.

Almost by accident, I have planned a trip to Japan! I'll do the nerd runs (including Winter Comiket, oh boy) then after New Year I'll be wandering the country making an ass of myself, and I'll stop off in Kuala Lumpur with some other people on the way back. I'm very excited! But yeah, money. (The trip itself I can afford no problem, it's afterwards that scares me...)

Technically I'm looking around for courses to study, but nothing I've seen yet appeals to me at all (or aren't available externally). It doesn't help that while I am full of big words, I'm wondering if I am completely misled and if I should focus my talents elsewhere (what are my talents even?)

In the meantime, I'm tinkering with a Nier fan project that is overly ambitious as is usual for me, but at least it's a huge pile of fun. I have corpses of fanfics scattered all over the place and I want to concentrate on original stuff, so this is likely the last long-form fanwork I'll ever attempt. Thus, I'm trying my damndest to get a plot out of the thing, and... succeeding? What!? Well, the writing is a bit shite, but that's what draft revisions are for, aren't they?

All the Nier-ing was beginning to do my head in, so I played a bit more of the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption last night as a palate cleanser. I'm one of those 'what zombies AGAIN?' wowsers, but it warms my heart to revisit the characters, and Professor MacDougal gets eaten by zombies in the first fifteen minutes which is worth 800 points alone 8D

I think I have wasted sufficient time. TTFN.


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