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Rare public post; hoping someone browsing the tags or a random passer-by will pick this up.

I'm writing fic (!!) and want to resurrect my unused Archive of Our Own account (I barely use DW or LJ and archiving things on Tumblr is a frankly silly idea)

Thing is, I've noticed over time there have been a lot of complaints and drama about the way AO3 and the OTW operates? I believe there was controversy over a poorly-tested AO3 update that resulted in the resignation of an overworked volunteer; recently it's been problems with the tag wrangling?

What I'm getting at here is that I really (REALLY REALLY) want to support OTW and use a fan-made, fan-focused archive, but if the OTW and the archive is going to evaporate due to ongoing drama I don't know, maybe I should stick to DW? Can anyone browsing by let me know exactly what the ongoing issues with the OTW are and how much of an effect it'll have on the AO3? I honestly have no way to tell if it's a serious issue or just a very vocal minority and frankly even if I weren't writing ridiculous pornography right now, I'm curious.

Cheers and thank you my friends.


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