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I had a good birthday! And I'm going to tell you about it, as it's been a while since I've posted about something other than cheese and whine-festivals.

It was once again an uneventful day, but I enjoyed it and spent it in a much happier state of mind than birthdays of the recent past. We went to the road house and had delicious grilled fish with chips and salad for dinner, and the night before we had the family-recipe lemon cheesecake, which is the same lemon shade of yellow that I think urinal cakes used to come in and bears no resemblance to other cheesecake but tastes better than any of them ever had.

On Twitter, I had a habit of asking for nothing except money and entertaining rule 34*; I got $50 in a card from my grandmother, and the internet gave me this photo. I think it's time I marked this request as FILLED before I get into trouble. :D

But out of the blue, my mother gave me, still in its box, the Hoi-Polloi tarot! I mentioned this deck in passing to my mother at least 3 months ago after I went looking for alternate designs (I have US Games' standard deck with the hellaciously ugly back design) and only liked this one. It's 70s as anything and just beautiful. So easy to shuffle, too. :]

The miasma in my head that's made me a real crankypants everywhere (esp. on Twitter) is slowly lifting. I think some autumn-cleaning is in order.

* 'entertaining' is not in fact an euphemism!


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