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I had it rough last week. Part of it was an inability to draw anything except angry red lines; I was this [] close to literally breaking the tablet over my knee and throwing it in the bin.

When I came out of it, to my amazement, I leveled up in my drawing ability!? I think someone on my Tumblr feed posted an article stating artists' work tends to plateau for a while, then a jump in ability suddenly manifests itself... is there meant to be a period of wretched self-loathing preceding it?

Similarly, now I'm apparently less likely to fly off the handle at things that are wrong on the Internet. Two incidents this week previously would've left me nerd raging all over the place (or sulking all day), but I found more practical ways to deal with my fury--I contacted a moderator instead of joining in the snark, and I sent a Tumblr account an upbeat article to counter the horrid and gross nonsense they reblogged.

I also had to fix a terrible computer with a clockspeed running on geological time and I threw a giant capslock Twitter tantrum. In this way, equilibrium was restored.

Terrible pop music gets stuck in my head far too easily. I think it's time I got into the habit of streaming Triple J because NO BODy'S PERFECT No, no, no no no no, no, no no no no, noaughg. Have you noticed the way the vocal track in Eminem's latest single pulses in and out makes it sound like every fourth or fifth word is radio-edited?

On a semi-related note, Ante Up is now one of my favourite songs thanks to this, and this.


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