Mar. 22nd, 2017 08:15 pm
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Today didn't go so great (and guest-starred a fruitless one and a half hours on hold to Centrelink)... but it's not as wretched as yesterday was, so I'll take it as a win. Remembered to eat, too. Kids, not eating anything except celery for 24 hours is a bloody silly idea, try to avoid it if you can.

I tried to refactor the code I wrote last night, and broke the whole dang thing. It's the old, old story. XD

I am still REALLY anxious about things I would have just laughed off a few months ago. Fandom nonsense potentially reacted to poorly by creators, and things like that. I wonder what it was that made me so dang on-edge?

I'm also outrageously anxious about work. I can't shake the feeling that my latest changes (which according to official documentation and common sense should be fine) won't work and this will be another interminable project that I never finish because I suck.

For god's sake, none of the things bothering me (even in worst case scenarios) are that bad at all, no one is going to die if I misread the documentation, or if celebrities get all awkward because some dropkick won't tag their NSFW posts, or w/e. But you wouldn't think that to look at me.

It's tempting to put the blame on the medication, and it's true there's a frantic, twitching quality to my worrying that is not normal for me... but the anxiety and confusion and lack of stability has been around since the end of January. I'm just really enthusiastic about having nfi what's going on or what to do. :U


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