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It's not much good here as I believe I set up this journal to block search engines, but for future reference:

I was having trouble installing Windows 7 on a newly-built computer as it kept saying that it could not find the drivers for the portable CD/DVD drive I was using, coming up with a window stating "select the driver to be installed" even when I tried putting the setup CD contents on a USB drive.

Thanks to this thread I have discovered the solution: It's nothing to do with a CD or DVD drive specifically, but with Windows having no access to the right SATA drivers. These drivers will have come on a CD with the motherboard if you bought a new one, or you can find them on the internet and put them on a CD or USB--you can also create a new Windows setup disc or USB drive and put these drivers straight on there.

I want to put this somewhere Google can find eventually, as this was driving me bonkers XU I went through so many useless forum threads before I found that one you have no idea. I was even waiting on a slim SATA cable so I could use a different CD drive and if I HAD waited those extra days only to get this window again... omgggggg I can taste blood just thinking about it.

But it's working now. ^_^ I'm suddenly this much closer to having a decent computer at my disposal, woohoo! Just gotta resist the urge to barge in and install Steam....


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