Mar. 22nd, 2017 11:01 pm
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Losing your mind?? Draw a Slovakian!!

I want to ink this in a weird way, but I'll probably stuff it up so scanning the sketch likely prudent

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I think it would be fun and useful to make an blog about drawing anti-patterns, inspired by whitetrashpalace's popular tutorial. People seem to find the identification of Anime Long Mid-face Syndrome a revelation, so it may be helpful to identify other common pitfalls when adapting from one style to another.

I'm not very good at drawing, though, and not good enough to spot if someone gives bad advice 100% of the time...

Other things I would like to do:

  • Found an Australian lobby group for people who aren't obnoxious Christians or obnoxious atheists.

  • Remix video game music.

  • how to ride a unicycle.

  • Imitate the person on the skateboard down the main street and post it on Youtube.

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I had it rough last week. Part of it was an inability to draw anything except angry red lines; I was this [] close to literally breaking the tablet over my knee and throwing it in the bin.

When I came out of it, to my amazement, I leveled up in my drawing ability!? I think someone on my Tumblr feed posted an article stating artists' work tends to plateau for a while, then a jump in ability suddenly manifests itself... is there meant to be a period of wretched self-loathing preceding it?

Similarly, now I'm apparently less likely to fly off the handle at things that are wrong on the Internet. Two incidents this week previously would've left me nerd raging all over the place (or sulking all day), but I found more practical ways to deal with my fury--I contacted a moderator instead of joining in the snark, and I sent a Tumblr account an upbeat article to counter the horrid and gross nonsense they reblogged.

I also had to fix a terrible computer with a clockspeed running on geological time and I threw a giant capslock Twitter tantrum. In this way, equilibrium was restored.

Terrible pop music gets stuck in my head far too easily. I think it's time I got into the habit of streaming Triple J because NO BODy'S PERFECT No, no, no no no no, no, no no no no, noaughg. Have you noticed the way the vocal track in Eminem's latest single pulses in and out makes it sound like every fourth or fifth word is radio-edited?

On a semi-related note, Ante Up is now one of my favourite songs thanks to this, and this.
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(I won't make a habit of cross-posting to LJ, I am simply in a loquacious mood lately)

As I mentioned to a few other people, I've been drawing my own humanised version of the stuffy floating book in Nier. I haven't got any scans online right now, but he's a kind of weird-looking older man with dilated eyes and a sweeping fringe and a imperious look about him. I was considering drawing him for a while before I started, but the trigger was finding a fanwork I put through Google Translate where the book was portrayed as a young androgynous guy, and I had a giant 'NOOO YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG' moment. Not just because I prefer roses to lilies if you know what I mean :awes: I find older characters more interesting, but... I mean... well, just look at at this character! Even in the Japanese version where he doesn't have the Rickman-esque accent, he sounds and acts old! What the heck are you thinking!?

As it turns out: Non-game-breaking spoilers for Nier's backstory follow )


1) If you're doing anything for a fandom where significant amounts of the background is in another language (or on the scale of Star Trek) you are far more likely to be doing it wrong than the people raised with it, you know, all their lives (this goes for both languages and Star Trek 8D)
2) Making spurious complaints about characters being turned into pretty boys, when said character was likely a pretty boy to start with in a game full of sweeping pale hair and zettai ryouiki, makes you look kinda like a dick.

Other people probably wouldn't worry about point 2 as much as I am now. But, as much as I find non-standard-attractive (and in several cases downright ugly) characters more interesting than the alternative, and as much as I enjoy being flippant over overly pretty things (like I've been doing for the rest of this darn post), the backlash against pretty boys kind of winds me up, every time I see it on deviantART and elsewhere. I've got reasons but as I go over them in my head it's going to take another post (or two). And now I feel like a doofus for going 'what the hell are you doing' at this Japanese fangirl I don't even know the name of because I'm a Google Translating scrub...

Don't be a doofus, I guess the moral is?

(Mind you, I'm still fond of my cranky strange-looking older version. It took fifteen years for me to become enamoured over what is essentially a bloody fan character but it's finally happened! I'm having terrible problems drawing him lately, though, likely because I'm distracted trying to draw the cuter young characters with an art style I'd describe as the Anti-Moe)


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