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I quit my job a month ago (I kind of miss it, but it was definitely the right move, it was turning me into a person I don't find very appealing) and I am now staying with my mother in a small country town. I'm taking it easy and watching the pets (AKA free entertainment). There is an advert going out in the local newsletter saying 'computer repairs phone me' basically because I will need the moneys (more on that later). I am spending my last few days of guilt-free slacking... catching up on paperwork. Ugh! Well, I finally know how the hell superannuation works, I guess now is the best time to do it.

Almost by accident, I have planned a trip to Japan! I'll do the nerd runs (including Winter Comiket, oh boy) then after New Year I'll be wandering the country making an ass of myself, and I'll stop off in Kuala Lumpur with some other people on the way back. I'm very excited! But yeah, money. (The trip itself I can afford no problem, it's afterwards that scares me...)

Technically I'm looking around for courses to study, but nothing I've seen yet appeals to me at all (or aren't available externally). It doesn't help that while I am full of big words, I'm wondering if I am completely misled and if I should focus my talents elsewhere (what are my talents even?)

In the meantime, I'm tinkering with a Nier fan project that is overly ambitious as is usual for me, but at least it's a huge pile of fun. I have corpses of fanfics scattered all over the place and I want to concentrate on original stuff, so this is likely the last long-form fanwork I'll ever attempt. Thus, I'm trying my damndest to get a plot out of the thing, and... succeeding? What!? Well, the writing is a bit shite, but that's what draft revisions are for, aren't they?

All the Nier-ing was beginning to do my head in, so I played a bit more of the Undead Nightmare DLC for Red Dead Redemption last night as a palate cleanser. I'm one of those 'what zombies AGAIN?' wowsers, but it warms my heart to revisit the characters, and Professor MacDougal gets eaten by zombies in the first fifteen minutes which is worth 800 points alone 8D

I think I have wasted sufficient time. TTFN.
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Something weird happened to my old default icon and I'm still in a bit of a snit at GHM anyway, so changed default icon to a picture going around the internet atm.

... it suits me.

goddammit no one on gaming sites knows the concept of image source/credit >I
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Well, I beat RDR.

Happy to report that my friend was right and the endgame is much, much better than what led up to it. SO MANY MANLY TEARS


You know what's awesome? Killing the 'final boss', seeing awesome END TITLE screen pop up, watching credits that go for so long the music just... stops, two minutes before they're finished*, then the game starting up from where you left off, allowing you to loot the final boss's corpse and take all his money.

Might have devalued the ending a teensy bit, but hell, it made me laugh!

* Still less ridiculous than Dragon Age; the credits for that were so long the three songs that played during them looped three times
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EDIT: I might've got a name wrong but I can't find a reference to it on the internet with stepping into spoiler mindfields so I'll leave off double-checking for now

Look, I'm still loving this game, it's a very strong contender for my GOTY even considering I'll be finally playing No More Heroes 2 in a few weeks, but Marston, you have a hell of a problem. Do you know what that is? You're too gosh-darned nice. Not-game-breaking-but-significant spoilers for Red Dead Redemption and a whole lotta complaining follows: )

and I can't believe I'm learning things about myself w. regards to being too nice from a murderous cowboy Rockstar Games protagonist.
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Inconsequential spoilers for Red Dead Redemption follow:

When I started the movie director quest, I was expecting to see in the next movie theatre some bizarre cheesy singing cowboy version of John Marston. That would have been AMAZIIING! I'm pretty disappointed they gave us another animation, this time a joke (old-time misogyny is hilariously stupid!!1) they had made in the newspapers at least three times already.

But I guess at this stage, romanticised westerns would be far more anachronistic than animation, huh?

(I keep hearing and spelling 'John Marston' as 'John Marsden' arrrrrrrgh!)

Also, I hope my favourite quest-bearing NPC show up one more time or at least gets some closure, or I'm going to experience disconsolate shipper rage.

Bigger spoilers for the Who Are You? storyline )

Yeah, it's a public entry. People are watching me now, so I might as well. (Even if I'll likely turn them all off)


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