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I need money and more storage space, so I'm selling most of my doujinshi collection!

Titles are listed by Series - Circle Name - Title
"Small" refers to B5-sized doujinshi. "Regular" refers to standard-comic-sized doujinshi.

Struck-out titles are on hold. Titles will be removed when sold. More titles may be added soon!

SORRY I SHOULD HAVE ADDED THIS EARLIER: All prices given are in American dollars (USD)

* YOU MUST BE OVER EIGHTEEN TO BUY TITLES MARKED 'ADULT CONTENT'. By offering to buy these doujin you acknowledge that you are over eighteen or the legal age for buying adult material in your country.
* Send me a message on Dreamwidth, a Tumblr ask (hyperbolicflush) or an email ( with the titles you'd like to buy, and your location--if you're in Australia, your postcode; if you're overseas, your country.
* I will reply with the likely postage costs and payment details.
* If you're happy, send the money and your full address and I'll mail the doujin ASAP. Doujin will not be posted until payment is made.

Other notes:
* I'll only accept dj trades for my current 2D fandoms, which are NieR Gestalt (not Replicant), OFF and Space Dandy. So Good Luck There, Then. (Seriously though if you have something you think I'll like talk to me)

Miscellaneous English Language Doujinshi

Naruto - PRV Team - Naruto FunBook Vol.1
Naruto/Sasuke. Adult content.
Small, 28 pages. $3

Katekyoshu Hitman Reborn - PRV Team - ATTACK
6918 (I've no idea what this means I've never read KHR :3c). Adult content, dubcon warning.
Small, 28 pages. $3

Full Metal Alchemist - multiple contributors - Deus Ex Machina
Roy/Ed and gen/gag comics. No adult content, just implied. 54 pages.
Regular, $5

Miscellaneous Japanese Language Doujinshi

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - Rikka (?) - Goodbye, See You Tomorrow
Koizumi/Kyon, general audiences.
Regular, 28 pages.

The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya - HK TANKENTAI - SECOND C.C.
Koizumi/Kyon. Adult content. If you're in this fandom you may have seen the scans of them "learning trigonometry"... it's from this book! Contains other comics and fan fiction.
Regular, 56 pages.

Both Koizumi/Kyon doujinshi: $10

No More Heroes 2 - K Madogan - Ketsu, Kirei ni Fukui Tekoiyo (I hope I got that right)
Travis/Henry. (Cover's misleading I know!) Adult content. Warning's in the pairing.
Regular, 26 pages. $5


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