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I need to do a hundred things before tomorrow, but first, I put out a call for this meme on the Twitter

Name a fandom (or anything really), and I'll give you the scoop on at least three of my unpopular opinions related to it.

Only MadamLuna responded, but she said Grasshopper Manufacture, which is a doozy!

* I love Killer7. However, sometimes I wonder how and why they screwed it up so badly. As fantastically brain-melting as it is in its current state, if you have to chop out more than half the plot, something must have gone very wrong in development...
* I'd happily swap both No More Heroes titles for a new Killer7, in a heartbeat.
* Speaking of sequels, why DID they translate Flower Sun and Rain before the Silver Case, anyway? It's not as if Flower Sun and Rain has that much more mainstream appeal...
* Sometimes I think the real genius at GHM is not Suda51 but Masafumi Takada. (Usually when I'm listening to Pleather for Breakfast)
* I still think Suda51 is fantastic! But sometimes in darker moments I am absurdly jealous of him for getting such a lucky break in video games through his enthusiasm for wrestling. I wish I could make games because I knew a lot about my hobby, though looking at my hobbies I fear what they might be like... But to his credit, he persisted with working on games for years though he was still obscure and their earlier titles weren't so great. He seems to have earned his cult reputation in Japan and elsewhere and the company isn't afraid to try odd things even when they fail, which is laudible.
* ... That still doesn't excuse Michigan.
* Curtis Blackburn can go to fuck. Death-by-carwash was too good for him. (This is an unpopular opinion in Japanese fandom, I think)
* Mask de Smith (in the white suit, not the Cell-from-DBZ cosplay) is the hottest man in Killer7. I am very serious. DAT VOICE. And Dan Smith might have magnificent sideburns, but can he stop a bullet in mid-air by headbutting it?? I THINK NOT.

Gonna go clean before I embarass myself further now.


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