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Dec. 1st, 2014 09:49 am
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Hi, this journal was mostly private. I'm reviving it because access lists are the shit! Leave a comment if you want to be added to mine.

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May. 11th, 2017 02:00 pm
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Last night, I resolved to make a minor but very significant change in how I act in my everyday life.
Today, has been really really super-duper stressful in my brain.
I choose to believe this is a coincidence and not a bizarre form of self-sabotage. Hearing about fans acting very poorly is probably not helping.

Something happened re: work that made me extremely angry. I chose not to bring it up at the time but now I'm regretting this decision. Constantly sweeping things that are actually super-bad problems under the rug, and making excuses about it being better for other people's mental health is... actually fuck, it's a recurring theme on this Dreamwidth account, innit???? Shit!! Okay, this is getting silly, I'm going to drink a lot of coffee then ring the person in question. Let's try to fix two major personality flaws in one day, why not


Apr. 22nd, 2017 12:46 am
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Been working on game writing app like wow the past week and a bit. Progress is satisfying; have only hit real frustration in past two days. Tonight, I implemented the last part of the changes that gave me so much trouble... it worked pretty much immediately, only a few minor fixes required. Success feels almost anti-climatic. :D I only wanted to do a tiny bit of coding today (to maintain my 'streak') and then go to bed, so it works out.

I may have made a minor tactical error checking internet before I turn off laptop, though. Drama I've worried about erupting in that Tumblr tag may have finally broken out. Like acne!
My brain love seizing upon silly garbage to be mad and/or sad about, so even though there's a high chance it's literally nothing, reading it properly is the last thing I want to do when I plan on falling asleep in the next hour. I mention it mainly because at least one perp is making that kind of Tumblr post that is just an unpleasant 'my face when' image, then uses the tags to call out people. I was going to say that such posts are one of the most passive-aggressive thing you can do on the internet, but upon reflection, it might come second to snarking about it in a Dreamwidth account only three people read. Goodnight!


Apr. 4th, 2017 02:30 am
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Struggles of a grey-asexual with massive anhedonia:
"I feel like drawing something lurid!"
*a few minutes pass*
"I haven't looked at anything resembling lurid art for at least a year, where the shit do I begin."

I doodled for a bit at least. Finally hit a milestone on current work, too. :thumbsup:


Apr. 2nd, 2017 08:46 pm
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Haven't posted publicly for a while.

* Current job nearly done then need to look for more ASAP, as Centrelink and I have parted on acrimonious terms.
* Gingerly dipping toes into Twitter again.
* Resurrected a coding project. I was definitely using wrong tools for the task before; I feel more positive about getting it to a releasable state with this iteration.
* Need to do something with my website but dang, content is hard!
* Caught the first really gnarly cold of the year whoop whoop
* Visiting family again in a few days.
* I have very little money and hilariously few clothes and I feel and look like utter garbage 24/7. This isn't really a change but it's beginning to frustrate me more than it used to...
* The weird woe I was suffering has gone, or at least has metamorphosed into more manageable emotions.
* Haven't inked that drawing of Sagan yet; I started, suffered and went WAAH I CAN'T DO IT I SUCK. But realistically, I was trying like, three new and awkward techniques at once, I'm not sure what my brain was expecting. I'll ink it in a more practical way if I have time tomorrow.
* But speaking of, I think I'll spend the rest of the night watching the Tour of Flanders.
* (because I rage quit Breath of the Wild and it's obnoxious Stasis + conveyer belt bullshit)


Mar. 22nd, 2017 11:01 pm
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Losing your mind?? Draw a Slovakian!!

I want to ink this in a weird way, but I'll probably stuff it up so scanning the sketch likely prudent



Mar. 22nd, 2017 11:03 am
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Yesterday was a thrill ride and not a good one. I wrote a handy script for RPG Maker VX Ace, problem is I stayed up until three am to do it, powered by sheer spite at how much time I've wasted this week stressing about things not worth stressing over.

Let's give this another shot...


Mar. 21st, 2017 10:56 am
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This picture from the Choose Your Own Adventure title Inside UFO 54-40 (which has nothing to do with the hidden ending I found almost immediately cos I always enjoyed flipping through CYOA books) is a perfect depiction of my current state of mind.

The more things I manage to do and the more things I become interested in, the more I can't tell if I'm moving forward at last or if I'm only regressing faster.


Mar. 14th, 2017 11:54 am
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If there were a term for a piece of media that brutally flunks the Bechdel-Wallace test on a literal and philosophical level, that would be the perfect phrase to describe Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky


Mar. 13th, 2017 03:47 pm
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RIP Murray Ball

It's late and I don't generally make these kind of posts, but this journal's title and subtitle is, in fact, a punchline from a particularly memorable Footrot Flats comic. So it seems apropos.
Next time I visit a relative who owns all the books, I'll find and scan it for the internet :D


Mar. 7th, 2017 02:24 pm
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A cyclist I like has a neat Astro Boy pastiche t-shirt for sale on his site, but it looks eerily like a fanart a Japanese fan made for him, and said artist didn't even get a shout-out on the store. >_>

The artist RTed it so presumably they're cool with it (and I know they're not hurting for cash cos they bought a f'n Pinarello bicycle lmao), but I swear, following cyclists is a rough gig. On top of the past doping convictions and incredibly seedy team owners/managers and that a few peeps need a short, quiet talk with a very patient feminist... now I have to deal with fanart reposters??? It's like I never left Tumblr XDDD

AND my boy Bardet got DQed at Paris-Nice... then again, he actually apologised for it. Bardet is a good lad.

~*~* Follow this blog for more hard-hitting sports journalism *~*~


Feb. 25th, 2017 03:38 pm
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The next time I see someone complaining about feminists being too sensitive about shit in video games I'm going to think of this and laugh even harder than usual

That other NieR Automata "controversy" mainly reminded me of this:

'I'm beating your ass with your rectum'

Realtalk though, my housemate told me 'NieR Automata was released today' the other day and I was in literal shock for about half a minute, at being in a world where a sequel to NieR even exists.


Feb. 17th, 2017 05:06 pm
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Bad brain day today, which is all the more frustrating in light of how successful yesterday was. Lately the brainworms manifest as an all-encompassing cognitive dissonance that goes: 'I am not interested in anything and the things I could summon some interest for are inherently flawed anyway so there's no point being interested in anything'.
Since my good humour, hobbies, work, everyday activities and life goals all require me being interested in one thing or another, I feel pretty naff rn.

I had a bad paralysis nightmare, too, although at least that has an easy fix. It was because I hugged my old pillow in my sleep and jammed it against my windpipe. Whoops!

Despite the blargh, I did a house chore that's been pending for some time, and I'm cooking fried rice for dinner tonight and bolognaise sauce to freeze.

I have a work thing to do, and after that I may draw a little. I haven't had much success with it lately, but thinking about it won't fix that and I had better fix it if I'm going to attempt a fine arts degree this year. The last time I drew something, I was going for 'alien' and wound up 'phallic'. Seriously, it wouldn't look out of place in a Shin Megami Tensei game.

Speaking of which, tmi/lewd? )


Feb. 16th, 2017 07:20 pm
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I have a newfound respect for people who release video games on consoles. SO MUCH DOCUMENTATION... my brain is cramping.

Anyway, bad news: Can't start university until mid-year.
Good news: They'll let me go to university! I am shock!

Shock, but happy. I just have to find ways to occupy myself for the next few months, preferably occupations that will get me some money.
Speaking of occupations that won't make any money (for a while anyway): I have to work through Unity tutorials before I try any more game prototypes. My usual method of 'just read up how to do a thing when I need to' does not work with game programming. At all. And this post is becoming oddly cyclical so I better skip out.


Feb. 15th, 2017 10:27 pm
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* I am stuck on Yowapeda around the beginning of season 2 but I looked at the latest episode and I'm glad Midosuji still needs a 'body horror' warning tag every time he shows up. Wouldn't be the same otherwise.

* Things are little by little becoming less terrible... I have an appointment to go to so can't slack about here.

* Image hostiiiing


Feb. 13th, 2017 07:29 pm
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My brain got scrambling trying to remember the title of Deadly Preminition, and gave me Deadly Ronpa instead

There's a free fic idea for ya


Feb. 9th, 2017 07:58 pm
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I started making a prototype for a mobile game today. Though it needs much more work before it's an accurate prototype, I had honestly thought for the last month that my programming ability had not atrophied so much as vaporised. Finding this isn't the case is a big relief.

Still in a horrendously bad place re: gamedev, so will take it slowwwww. I can smell bridges smouldering from when I rage quit last year. No sense in flipping out just as I'm getting used to the idea again....


Feb. 9th, 2017 09:25 am
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* Things... still... baddish? Situation is still terrible (had an extremely inconvenient development trying to follow up on a medical issue, too) but the ongoing mental shrieking in my brain has lessened.
So, I put in an application for studying art at university. I honestly have no idea if I'll get in. Said university is the most poncey university in my state and my past experience is a bit grim. I'm not even sure if I've proved my English fluency according to their criteria. Let's find out!

* I saw the word 'smexay' for the first time in several years and was struck by how unsexy it is. I still wonder sometimes if I'm actually grey-asexual, or if I'm ordinary-sexual but that's cancelled out by my boiling resistance to being cutesy.

* I know I've secretly wished I shipped something atm so I could kick-start the drawing habit but Gintoki and the Movie Thief parody from the second Gintama movie does not count brain try again

* The Joker is a terrible episode of the Avengers! I didn't think I could still be shocked at the internet having terrible taste but here we are again thanks to a 1960s TV show. I don't care if we saw Emma Peel's bra ffs

In conclusion: I'm still cranky and unpleasant atm but at least it's about fun things like e.g. terrible screenwriting from fifty years ago.


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